expo XII Casa



Valerie Honnart, Luca Zanchi




La DODICESIMA CASA è un progetto che attraverso forme immagini colori e suoni propone una meditazione attorno al percorso spirituale che conduce l' anima dalla privazione e dall'esilio all'unione amorosa e fiduciosa con l'assoluto e, nell'umile allineamento col divino, alla propria trasfigurazione ultima.

La visita di tale "dimora" , intesa come luogo psichico, attraverso cinque stanze introduce lo spettatore all'esperienza di tale percorso tramite una complessa simbologia che attinge a un ampio bacino culturale e religioso:

dalla mitologia classica al Vecchio e Nuovo Testamento fino alla mistica Sufi, sottendendo un forte riferimento al concetto di Notte Oscura dell'anima introdotto da S.Giovanni Della Croce.

Ciascuna stanza ospita un'installazione di scultura e pittura accompagnate da brani musicali appositamente scelti.



It is our conviction that whether man knows it or not, whether he whishes it or not, the Absolute is his ultimate goal.

Furthermore It is also his very origin and innermost and deepest essence.

We feel that any pathway, be it tortuous or unusual, should be understood as a mystery of initiation.

In this journey one’s identity is gradually effaced until it can recognize itself in the Ineffable Being. Awareness reaches the inner recesses of the soul which thus becomes accessible to the Infinite which it can now welcome.

This disposition is the result of free choice.

We sought inspiration in mythological and religious tradition – from them we drew the symbolism of events or stories such as the abduction of Persephone, Christ’s prayer in Gethsemane and Ulysses tied to the mast of his ship.

We sought the moment in which the individual is put to the test, his will is frustrated, his intellect is obfuscated by that which is inconceivably beyond human grasp.

Moving subsequently into the portrayal of mystical elevation through dance and the ripening of the fruit of rebirth and the gift of the self we turned our gaze and that of the spectator towards the hope that in such and endeavour a choice may be made – a free, unfailing, transfiguring choice of faith and love for He who gave us life and ceaselessly calls us unto Himself : life after life, death after death, identity after identity, veil under veil.

And may a hidden light, ignored at the outset, then sought with yearning and finally found, break through to the grim darkness of the rooms that lead to the threshold of the Absolute.


Galleria Massenzio, Roma, Italie